How do stable coins workOuça agora (28 min) | The difference between centralised, decentralised, collateralised, and algorithmic stable coins.
How tokenomics can give value to tokensOuça agora (22 min) | SUGGY Demand types and how they can drive token prices (in theory).
What are blockchains (not) useful forOuça agora (31 min) | The technical benefits of a Ledger that is Immutable, Distributed, Permissionless, and Trustless (LID PeT)
How are blockchains securedListen now (26 min) | Cryptographic keys, Proof of Work, and Proof of Stake
What is a blockchain?Ouça agora (28 min) | Explaining distributed ledgers that are immutable and permissionless.
Announcement Episode Season 1Ouça agora (4 min) | Limited series on blockchain tech

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